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Gamma Radiation > Solution Details

Shield gamma radiation

Solution entered: 2/18/2008    Solution updated: **********

If you are trying to shield gamma radiation, use high-density materials like lead, steel, or thick concrete. If you are trying to shield neutrons use materials that are rich in hydrogen like water, polyethylene, and boron. For beta radiation, use rubber matting or aluminum. Contact the ALARA Center for assistance. A list of companies that have shielding on display at the Hanford ALARA Center, or that we have a first-hand recommendation that the company does quality work is attached. This list does not include all shielding manufactures. Additional shielding companies can be found by performing an internet search. Our intention is to provide a starting point for radiological or design engineers assigned to a shielding project. We encourage you to visit each site before making any shielding decisions. Please let us know if you think a company should be added to the list


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