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Absorbtek, LLC

1317 Simpson Way, Suite J
Escondido, California 92029 United States

Phone: 619-992-3104   Toll Free:    Fax: 760-291-1360

Email: info@absorbtek.com   


Absorbtek provides products for radiation control. Their products are made from Silflex Material and include tapes available in various sizes. Pipe wraps are available in custom diameter width, thickness and height. Elbows, Tees and valve shielding are also available. Flooring for solid and grated platforms is available in two textures (anti-skid or smooth) and two colors (yellow or natural). Blankets are available in custom specified thickness. Specialty custom shapes can be provided and magnetic properties can be added to most shapes to assist in quick application. High density putties are available in emergency hot spot remediation kits sealed in disposable latex covering. Almost all products are available with metal components as needed for the application. Silflex may be installed as permanent shielding with up to 20 + years of life.

Area of expertise:
ALARA Controls, Radiation Controls

Additional Expertise:

Comments: This vendor is no longer in business, but the information is retained for the research purposes.

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