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Special Technologies Laboratory

Address : 5220 Ekwill Street, Suite B, , Santa Barbara , California , United States 93111
Phone : (805) 681-2240    Phone 800 :    Fax : 000-000-0000
Email : jdb@stl.doe.gov    WebSite : http://www.nv.energy.gov/main.aspx
Comments : This vendor is no longer in business, but the information is retained for research purposes.

Special Technology Laboratories - this is part of NSTec which ventures into advanced defense technologies and in the management of complex operations. They work on many programs and projects for federal agencies such as defense threat reduction agency, NASA, etc. The projects include defense experimentation, homeland security and defense applications, and environmental management. Advance monitoring systems initiative develops and tests sensors and monitoring systems for applications in environmental management, nonproliferation, national security response and other areas.

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Vendor Technologies

Airborne Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging

LIF is an optical technique that consists of two major components: one comprised of the laser, a close-coupled device (CCD) camera and monitor which were mounted on a tripod, and the other consisting
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Source : Fernald Environmental Management Project

Category : Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors      

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