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Technology Factsheet

510 PackBot

Category: Robotics > Other > Wheeled/Tracked System
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Modular, adaptable and expandable, the Endeavor Robotics 510 PackBot can perform bomb disposal, surveillance and reconnaissance, CBRNE detection and HazMat handling operations. Quickly configured based on mission needs, PackBot easily climbs stairs and navigates narrow passages with sure-footed efficiency, relaying real-time video, audio and sensor data while the operator stays at a safer, standoff distance.


• Man-transportable
• Deployable in less than 2 minutes
• Overcomes stairs, obstacles, and debris
• Four day and night cameras with zoom and illumination
• Can reach speeds of 5.8 mph (9.3 km/h)
• Supports cameras, sensors, manipulators, and disruptors





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