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Technology Factsheet


Category: Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Analysis Equipment
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The GammaPAL is an instrument for detecting and analyzing radiation contamination in air, food, soil, and water. The system is a portable laboratory containing all the items needed for sampling in the field or from a stationary base of operations. Includes: Inspector survey meter with wipe test plate and swipes for preliminary testing, a rugged Nomad Pocket PC with bar code scanner for easily labeling samples, tools for sample collection, and screw top marinelli beakers for sample storage. Radioactive material in the sample is detected with a 2x2 sodium iodide scintillation probe using a Marinelli geometry for soil, water, and bulk samples or a 2-inch filter geometry for wipes and air samples. The 500ml beaker is placed in a 1-inch thick lead shield. Depending on the sampling time and the isotope, the detection limit is approximately 60-100 Bq/l and can identify concentrations of Iodine 131, Cesium 134, and Cesium 137.


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